A lot of people need to find the best web hosting but they are confused on what to look for.  That is nothing to be ashamed of because finding the best web hosting can be difficult, especially for new webmasters. In this bluehost coupon article, we are going to discuss several items you need to look for when choosing a new web hosting provider, especially a top web hosting provider!

There are some webmasters that are just concerned about price and while you should factor price in, please don’t let it be the decisive factor. There is an old saying that you pay for what you get. Well, with cheap web hosting that is no different most of the time. If you don’t choose your web hosting from a large, well known company such as BlueHost, then you are most likely going to lose features to get the low price. The smaller companies can’t afford to offer you all the features at a discounted price so they deduct stuff from your plan. Things such as free domain names, customer support, storage, and much more.

The best advice we can give you when it comes to web hosting prices, is that when you sign up, take advantage of the three year pricing plan. This way you can use the promo price for three years. Every company renews you at the normal price so don’t get shocked by that.

Something that you need to look at when you choosing your next web hosting provider is their customer support. We can’t stress how important this component of cheap web hosting is. About half our readers are novice webmasters and will need some form of customer support during their experience. That is completely normal so don’t worry! You should be getting free customer support in your hosting plan. No questions asked! A lot of the best web hosting providers offer you various forms of customer support. For instance, BlueHost offers you free live chat, phone support, email ticket support, and tutorial system. No matter which form of support you choose from BlueHost you can get your questions answered.

There are a lot of web hosting features out there but in our opinion the most important ones are data storage and data transfer. Think of these as the tools to store your website content and the vehicle to move your content from your computer to your readers. A lot of companies will offer you unlimited data storage which is nice. However, unless you are running a website with 1000’s of pictures or videos, unlimited is overkill. 50 GB of data storage will go a long way. Most companies will offer unlimited data transfer which is nice. If you get a smaller data plan, you need to monitor it so you don’t have overage fees.

bluehost couponWe have a lot of experience in web design and web hosting. Something that we have come to find is that not every control panel is created equally. Cheap web hosting companies sometimes will try to recreate the wheel to save some money. They do this by offering a low end control panel. Trust us when we say that will cause you nightmares! The top web hosting companies offer you the cPanel control panel. This is very user friendly and one of the best control panels around. Finding all the tools to build and maintain your site are in one place. Some companies like BlueHost offer you tools that allow you to install applications such as WordPress by simply clicking one button! They have already pre loaded the software to their servers so that you can have your WordPress website up in a matter of seconds.

In conclusion, when shopping around for cheap web hosting you need to be careful. Stick with a reputable company like BlueHost and you can’t go wrong.