BlueHost cost is a question asked to us a lot.  A lot of people wonder what the cost of their web hosting plans are but there isn’t a straight forward answer!  Well, there is the normal cost which is $7.95 a month which is a good price for what they provide, but it isn’t good enough for us! We have found the best BlueHost cost out there! When you click on our BlueHost promo price links you will only pay $2.95 a month! Yes, over half off! The only way to get this BlueHost discount price is by clicking on our BlueHost coupon code links! Keep reading to learn more about the BlueHost cost which includes no set up fees!

Now you might be wondering if the BlueHost features are going to be the same since the BlueHost cost is so much less. A lot of other cheap web hosting providers will offer web hosting coupons but then eliminate some of their features. This is a scam! Don’t worry because BlueHost doesn’t do that! All the BlueHost offers stay the same. Here is what you are going to get when you click on our BlueHost promo links.


  • Up to unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • Ability to host unlimited hosted domains
  • Unlimited FTP accounts
  • Free domain name
  • Free customer support
  • Website promotion credits
  • Free website builders
  • Free website templates
  • 100 MySQL databases
  • Up to unlimited email accounts
  • PHP
  • Perl
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Joomla
  • Mambo
  • SimpleScripts library: WordPress, phpBB, much more!

The list for BlueHost features is so long that it is best that you just click on our BlueHost promo links, activate the BlueHost coupon price, and then check out all the features yourself. You won’t appreciate them until you see them all in your own BlueHost control panel for your new pistol reviews site!

BlueHost Cost

One thing that really irks us is that there are still some cheap web hosting providers out there that charge a set up fee.  We just don’t understand this other than it is a way for them to get more money out of you while being able to advertise a lower price. This is virtually the same thing as ripping you off in our minds. BlueHost offers no set up fee with every single web hosting package sold by them as talked about in this BlueHost cost article. This is an everyday feature of one of the best web hosting providers!

When you really think about set up fees what do you think of? We think of somebody sitting on the receiving end doing a lot of work to get your site up and running. Wrong!!! You do all the work to get your site live. You are the one that builds the website using some type of website builders, you are the one that enters the content, and you are the one managing the backside. The host really doesn’t do anything other than call you and verify that the transaction is legit. So why would any of these “cheap web hosting” providers feel the need to charge a set up fee? It all goes back to them making money.

BlueHost Offers

There are some things that we feel set up fees are appropriate. For example, merchant accounts have a lot of set up on the provider side so we can understand them charging for their time. But web hosting??? NO WAY!!! If you come across an affordable web hosting provider that charges a set up fee, run and get over to BlueHost!!!

The fact that our BlueHost cost that we have listed doesn’t charge a set up shows again that they are a legit business and truly there for their customers. We have talked time and time again in this BlueHost review blog how honest BlueHost is and we really mean it. Don’t waste your time with any other web hosting providers, when you can get the best at BlueHost.