The BlueHost video tutorials are an excellent resource for every BlueHost customer. When it comes to BlueHost help and support there are many options to choose from. Choose from email to live chat or phone support. We like the BlueHost video tutorials which provide the best BlueHost support option. In this BlueHost review we will discuss where to find the BlueHost video tutorial and give an overview of the topics and type of help they provide.

First, let’s talk about how a user can access the BlueHost video tutorials. One way to access the video tutorials is to simply click the tab labeled Help Center. From this page there are a couple of options for accessing the video tutorials. Along the left hand side visitors will see a Resources box. This box contains links to the Getting Started Wizard, Video “How-To” Tutorials, Knowledgebase Articles, as well as options to browse the issue by topic, access the user forum, check your support history, or search the helpdesk.

Clicking the Video “How-To” Tutorials link will take users to a full list of all the BlueHost video tutorials. Users will have the option to search the list or sort it by a number of relevance factors. Factors such as most recent, most viewed, most helpful, most solutions, or resource type. Each topic has a short description about what is covered, how many views the video tutorial has had, when it was last updated, and related topics that are covered in the video tutorial.

On the main Help Center page visitors will also see a list of icons that a user can click on to access the video tutorials. It doesn’t matter which link you click on to get there, both will take you to the list of video tutorials. Users can simply click on the title of the video to access it. Some of the “How-To” video tutorials will also contain written instructions and other graphics or images to help the user easily complete each step without having to repeatedly stop and start or rewind the video.

Users have the option to tell BlueHost if the resource was helpful or resolved at the bottom of the page. Doing this allows BlueHost to know which tutorials are useful and which need updating. BlueHost also provides an area that allows users to leave additional comments about the content of the video tutorial.


BlueHost users can access the video tutorials in their BlueHost cPanel control panel. On the top right just under the logout option clients will see a blue Help tab. Clicking on the Help tab will take you to the Help Center page. This is where you will be able to open a support ticket, view the terms of service, check the server status, access the video tutorials, view your support history, browse the knowledgebase, access the Getting Started Wizard, or access the user forum. When signed into the cPanel the user can also click on the How-To Videos icon under preferences. This will allow you to access the BlueHost video tutorials. BlueHost support has made it very easy to access the video tutorials before or after signup.

Next, let’s look at some of the topics covered in the BlueHost how-to video tutorials.

• Email

BlueHost video tutorials include a number of tutorials to help a user setup and use email. Some email topics include Create an E-mail Account, How to access your e-mail with Gmail, How to create an E-mail Forwarder, Outlook 2010, Using Apple’s Mail Application, and How to log into Webmail.


FTP topics covered by the BlueHost video tutorials include How to Create an FTP Account, and other videos for using specific FTP clients like WinSCP and CyberDuck.

• Domain

Some domain topics that are included in the BlueHost video tutorials include Purchasing an Additional Domain, Transfer a Domain, How to Transfer to a Different Registrar, and How to create a custom Name Server with your domain name.

• Installs

BlueHost video tutorials provide details on installing many popular third party applications. Applications such as WordPress blogging system, phpBB, FrontPage Extensions, and many other Simple Script installs.

These are just a few of the topics BlueHost covers in the BlueHost video tutorials. Most of the video tutorials are 5 minutes or less but having those few minutes of a visual aid and walk through of how it works is like having a BlueHost support member sitting right next to you walking you step-by-step through the process. Customers that are visual learners or don’t want to wait on a support ticket will love the BlueHost video tutorials. In addition to the dozens of video tutorials, BlueHost also has dozens of help articles. These BlueHost help articles have step-by-step instructions, with images, to show the entire process.

When it comes to BlueHost support you get the best there is! There aren’t many web hosting providers that come close to offering the kind of support one will get from BlueHost. BlueHost support is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week! Each customer can choose the support option that works the best for him or her. Choose from live chat, phone support, email support, user forums, or the extensive online resources. We have used the BlueHost how-to video tutorials many times. As a result, we highly recommend checking them out for answers to basic issues.