While many web hosting review sites do articles on BlueHost vs iPage not all of these sites keep their reviews updated. Staying on top of BlueHost vs iPage is very important since they are constantly making changes. That is why we have updated our iPage vs BlueHost review. A lot has changed since we last did a BlueHost or iPage review. You will see that both of these web hosting companies have done nothing but improve since the last time we did an iPage vs BlueHost review. That ultimately results in a better web hosting experience for you!

BlueHost vs iPage

In the past when we have done BlueHost vs iPage reviews, it has always been a tough challenge for us to determine which hosting provider is the best. Both of these web hosting companies offer some of the best web hosting. It doesn’t help when we have an exclusive BlueHost coupon and iPage coupon that help you save a ton of money! What it boils down to when you compare BlueHost vs iPage is which one you feel the most comfortable with. They both are going to offer you amazing web hosting features.

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As we said in the beginning of this BlueHost vs iPage review, there have been some changes since we last did this iPage vs BlueHost comparison. Possibly the biggest change was that both iPage and BlueHost are now owned by the same parent company.

While some people think this is a bad idea, we don’t think it is a major issue at all. In fact, we feel it can only make BlueHost or iPage even better. With more money in the owner’s pockets, more development and research will be conducted within each company. Sure each company will need to keep its uniqueness but they will continue to do so. We have already seen this trickle down to both companies. For instance, BlueHost has not only redesigned their website but they have added services such as VPS hosting and dedicated hosting. The BlueHost VPS hosting is one of the most affordable VPS plans around. When it comes to iPage they have added dedicated servers to their options. As you can see, both iPage and BlueHost continue to grow from their traditional shared web hosting services.

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Another change that you will notice is that in the past, both of these top web hosting providers offered an unlimited web hosting package. It didn’t matter who you choose at that time, iPage or BlueHost. Over time it became apparent that offering unlimited web hosting plans wasn’t necessary. People weren’t using enough data to justify it. By placing limits on some of the features, BlueHost has been able to expand other features to make your overall hosting plan better. iPage hasn’t eliminated their unlimited hosting plan for those that still want the “unlimited” wording attached to their plan. The end result hasn’t had a major factor on people when they choose between BlueHost or iPage.

Types of BlueHost Web Hosting

BlueHost offers many types of web hosting. They are best known for their shared web hosting. In addition to shared web hosting, BlueHost offers Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Servers, and WordPress hosting. No matter what type of web hosting you need, BlueHost has it!

Types of iPage Web Hosting

iPage is similar to BlueHost in that they also offer shared web hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated hosting, and WordPress hosting. All of the iPage hosting types come with their amazing support system and have some of the cheapest prices you can find.

iPage vs BlueHost Features

When we look at BlueHost vs iPage, we not only look at the prices of them but also the quality of products they offer. We briefly touched on their new products in the above paragraph but we are more talking about their equipment they use and software they offer their users.

Both BlueHost and iPage use only the best servers on their shared hosting network. What this allows them to offer their clients is a faster server and a server that can hold more data transfer or storage. Additionally, both iPage and BlueHost have increased the amount of control you have over your shared web hosting. While a lot of cheap web hosting providers don’t allow you to add or install applications to your account, both iPage and BlueHost give you full control and don’t place any restrictions on you. This means if you want WordPress then you just simply install it! No begging your hosting provider for permission to do what you want to do!

bluehost vs ipage

To get a better feeling of iPage vs BlueHost, let’s look at a couple of the differences you will find from these top web hosting companies. It’s difficult for us to write about the differences in BlueHost or iPage because there aren’t too many of them.

Both offer you the needed core components of web hosting and a ton of premium features. iPage is proud to be a green web hosting provider. All of their servers, data centers, and officers are powered by wind energy. Not only does this create a cleaner environment, it actually makes their servers work better. To show how committed iPage is to leaving a cleaner mark on the environment, for every KWH of energy they use, they purchase twice that amount is REC’s, renewable energy credits. That’s a lot of trees being planted in essence! While a lot of companies like to show their clients are green, iPage helps you do that. iPage offers you green certificates and green hosting banners to place on your website so that your readers know you are a green certified website.

ipage vs bluehost

While iPage offers customer support, the level of customer support that BlueHost offers is better in our opinion. However when comparing iPage vs BlueHost in terms of customer support it is a close match. We have been using BlueHost ourselves for many years and yes we have had to get help once or twice. The BlueHost customer support comes in many fashions. That includes email support, live chat support, phone support, and a huge library of tutorials.

The BlueHost tutorials are some of the most in depth we have seen. Not only do they provide you with great content but they also have some great videos to walk you through it. When it comes to live chat, we actually have found that to be very useful. A lot of times you have a quick question on how to do something or a question about your account. With the live chat option, we have been able to get in and out in under a minute. Not too bad considering we are slow!

We have seen everything from a personal blog to a large eCommerce website hosted on both of these companies. It doesn’t matter if the host is BlueHost or iPage. The reason for that is they don’t just cater to one group of people. They know to please the most, they must offer the most. When people see they offer a lot of features, they become scared of the price. That is one of the biggest web hosting myths as both of these companies are some of the best cheap web hosting providers you will find.

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BlueHost or iPage

So who wins this BlueHost vs iPage 2017 review? They both do! You can’t go wrong when choosing BlueHost or iPage. Especially if you use one of exclusive web hosting coupon links to sign up with. Try them out. You have nothing to lose with their money back guarantees.