This is the battle of two cheap web hosting companies: BlueHost vs FatCow. When a person looks at FatCow vs BlueHost, they tend to have a difficult time choosing between BlueHost or FatCow. The reason is because FatCow is one of BlueHost’s biggest competitors.  In this BlueHost review we are going to compare BlueHost vs. FatCow. A comparison that will consist of looking at their features, support tools, and more. In addition we have our BlueHost coupon and FatCow coupon offers that will save you a lot of money.

A few years we discovered FatCow and have already used them to host websites. We have been loyal to BlueHost for many years and have never had any problems. However, we wanted to ensure we have the best search engine optimization so we felt it was necessary to use FatCow for some of our sites. If we host all of our sites on one server, it could affect our SEO. Spreading it out is better! Plus with FatCow web hosting you get just as high quality web hosting as you do with BlueHost so we aren’t losing anything by using FatCow web hosting.

FatCow took off as a new company and many people recognized it. In the early days, all the BlueHost vs FatCow reviews were slanted because nobody took the time to try FatCow. Well we did and that is how we are able to incorporate our personal trial into this FatCow vs BlueHost review. Overtime, FatCow grew and people eventually took notice. To the point that one of the biggest hosting companies bought out FatCow.

When we added FatCow to some of our sites, not losing any features was very important to us. When looking at BlueHost vs FatCow, you will see they both offer some amazing web hosting features. Below are some common features that are included their plans.

  • Unlimited data transfer
  • Free domain name
  • Email accounts/webmail
  • PHP
  • MySQL databases
  • Free customer support
  • Free shopping cart software
  • Merchant account support
  • Free site promotion credits
  • Free site builders
  • FTP access
  • FrontPage
  • Dreamweaver
  • MUCH MORE!!!

It is important to note that when we compare we FatCow vs BlueHost, we are using the BlueHost basic plan. A very popular plan but slightly different from the BlueHost plus plan. With FatCow you get unlimited disk space and the ability to host unlimited domains. In the BlueHost basic plan, you get 50GB of disk space and can host one website. In the BlueHost plus plan you get unlimited disk space and unlimited domains on your account. Of course, the BlueHost plus plan costs a couple dollars more each month but for the majority the basic plan is sufficient.

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FatCow vs BlueHostFinding these unlimited web hosting features from FatCow is a great deal. When you mix in
all the free web hosting features that BlueHost vs. FatCow offers that is just icing on the cake for FatCow! Again, it is important to note that the majority of people don’t need unlimited disk space, but it is nice.

With all the web hosting features that they both offer you can see that you are getting your money’s worth. Some cheap web hosting providers will skimp on hosting features to help keep the price down. Not BlueHost or FatCow, they provide you all the tools you need and want. That is what makes choosing between FatCow or BlueHost difficult.

BlueHost vs FatCow

Both BlueHost and FatCow also have VPS hosting plans and dedicated servers. That might not mean too much to a new webmaster but if you plan on growing your site over the next few years, having these options available will make your growth a lot easier. VPS is similar to shared hosting in the fact that there are multiple users on the same server but it differs from shared web hosting because they limit the number of users on each server and each individual account has dedicated resources to provide the most reliable hosting environment and to give each user more flexibility and customization options on their account.

BlueHost dedicated hosting provides user with their own server, meaning all the server resources are dedicated to your account. With dedicated server hosting you have full control of the server and the software you use with it. You also don’t have to worry about other accounts using too much of the available resources or performing tasks that interrupt the servers performance. FatCow dedicated hosting provides the same benefits and is priced about the same as the BlueHost dedicated servers.

FatCow vs BlueHost

BlueHost vs FatCowIn comparing FatCow vs BlueHost, we also noticed that both web hosting providers offer a WordPress hosting plan. WordPress is a very popular hosting environment with a ton of available applications, plugins, and designs available to customize your website. One thing we did notice that BlueHost offers that FatCow doesn’t is Cloud hosting. Cloud sites are generally considered more reliable because the data is shared amongst several servers.

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No matter which one of these affordable web hosting providers you select, BlueHost or FatCow, you are going to be more than satisfied. The great thing about both of them is that we have hosting coupon codes for each of them. The BlueHost promo price has already been discussed in length on our site but in recap you will only pay $2.95 a month! The FatCow promo price takes the normal price of FatCow of $8.95 a month down to $3.15 a month!!! That is a huge savings and one that is helping FatCow become one of the top web hosts!

Take advantage of those special hosting coupon codes by clicking on our official BlueHost and FatCow links.  You won’t be disappointed in either FatCow or BlueHost! If you have any comments about this BlueHost vs FatCow review, please contact us! We are always looking to keep our FatCow vs BlueHost review up to date.