BlueHost WooCommerce is another great web hosting option that BlueHost offers. With the popularity of WordPress hosting, BlueHost offers this amazing feature to help you make your BlueHost WordPress hosting experience the best it can be. In this BlueHost WooCommerce review, we are going to explain to you all the benefits of WooCommerce hosting, the BlueHost price, and provide you with a BlueHost coupon to help save you some money when you sign up with BlueHost.

Something we need to start off by saying is that when it comes to WordPress hosting, BlueHost is no rookie like a lot of the other cheap web hosting providers. BlueHost currently has over 2,000,000 websites on their servers which are powered by WordPress! Most hosts don’t have that many websites on their servers! So when BlueHost offered BlueHost WooCommerce hosting, people knew it was a legit, solid form of web hosting. Most people have heard about WordPress, but they may be unfamiliar with WooCommerce.

bluehost woocommerceWooCommerce is a third party application that is highly trusted by BlueHost and other top web hosting providers. It is the most customizable eCommerce platform that you can use to build your business website. When we say highly trusted we mean it! There are currently over 18,000,000 copies of it downloaded as of this article being published! Over 39% of all eCommerce stores are ran off of the WooCommerce platform. That is some serious trust! That is why BlueHost offers this to their customer.

Why Choose BlueHost WooCommerce

WooCommerce is great because it is specifically designed for WordPress. They didn’t try to Mickey Mouse it to make it compatible, they did it from the get go! This theory allows you to have all the tools you need so that you can sell easily from your store. When BlueHost partnered up with them to create the BlueHost WooCommerce hosting package, BlueHost looked at what WooCommerce offers. This what BlueHost found:

  • The ability to sell both virtual and real products. That means you can sell your digital subscriptions just as easy as you Mike Trout autographed baseball card!
  • WooCommerce is mobile friendly. In today’s era, mobile friendly is a must.
  • No limits in terms of growth! That means you can start out small and turn your store in a large online store and WooCommerce will grow with you.
  • Security is a priority for WooCommerce. They use Sucuri to keep all their plugins secure and safe.
  • Customer support is free! It has been proven the BlueHost customer support is great and that is why they wanted to make sure the WooCommerce customer support was also. They have a dedicated team waiting to help you with your BlueHost WooCommerce website.

Those are just a few of the reasons that BlueHost partnered up with WooCommerce.

WooCommerce Features 

When you access WooCommerce in your BlueHost control panel, you are going to have the option to install many features to your website. Let’s discuss the three key WooCommerce features.

  1. Themes- BlueHost WooCommerce is geared toward business websites, but they also have the ability to create personal websites. With the WooCommerce themes you can choose from a business theme or personal theme. They have designed it so it’s all based on your needs.
  2. Plugins- WooCommerce has a few key premium plugin platforms for you to choose from: Sensei, WooSlider, and WooSideBars. In addition they offer you a ton of free WordPress plugins to help round out your website!
  3. Extensions- There is a huge library of WordPress extensions to choose from. You can find extensions for customer support, payment gateways, accounting, shipping methods, and many more! This is where you can really get creative with your website.

bluehost wordpress

It’s clear from above that WooCommerce is a great option for you to use. When you combine it with BlueHost web hosting you get the best all around. When it comes to the web hosting component of this duo, you get all the same great features of BlueHost. You get dedicated support, secure payment processing with an SSL certificate and dedicated IP address. Plus the ability to have unmetered bandwidth and storage space, and much more!

BlueHost has proven to be one of the best web hosting providers. That is why the BlueHost WooCommerce is no different. Take advantage of our BlueHost coupon and get some amazing prices on the BlueHost WooCommerce hosting plans. With prices starting at only $11.95 a month, you can’t go wrong with the BlueHost WordPress hosting.

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